imvu money

Creating on IMVU – is it worth it?

  Did you know that 99.99% of the items in the catalog are made by users? That’s right, virtually anyone can become a creator, express themselves through unique and interesting products and also get paid for it! What exactly can you create? Is it free? Is it worth it? Is it fun? What are creators?…


Color palettes that go great together

If you are looking for color palettes for your new collection, or you simply want to get some inspiration, knowing which colors to implement for your designs is an important factor, one that if chosen well, could bring unique vibes and realism to the project you are working on. And let’s face it, we all…

imvu makeup tutorial

How to create makeup for mesh heads – part 1

In this tutorial we’re going to make some cute layerable eyeshadow with a cat eyeliner. If you’ve never tried creating makeup, fear not! It’s really easy and fun to do.   First, let’s start with choosing a mesh head we like from Kloudust’s catalog. Note: There are other heads in the catalog that have makeup…


IMVU: A Brief History

IMVU: A brief history Reading Level: Advanced/College Student Reading Time: 15 minutes Have you ever wondered how IMVU used to be over 10 years ago? 15 years ago? We’ll dive deep into it! 😀 I joined IMVU in 2006 and everything back then was much different! From the way the client looked, how shopping was…


Premium names

Reading Level: Advanced/College Student Reading Time: 6 minutes   What are premium names? Are they important? Does owning a specific name affect sales as a creator? When a user signs up for IMVU, they are required to choose a username that will become the account name with which they log in. It’s also the name…


How many products are too many?

    How many products should you submit for a collection? How many colors is too many? Is there even such a thing as too many? Most creators make products available in different similar styles and colors. This is because customers actually look for different styles of the same product. It is a very general…


How to create catalog icons on IMVU – part 1

If you are new to creating, or want to improve your catalog icons, here are some basic tips on how to take clear, sharp photos for your IMVU products. Catalog icons are the small icons (100×80 pixels in size) that you see while browsing the classic catalog and/or the desktop version. These images are very…

what to do if you get disabled on imvu

Everything you need to know about getting disabled on IMVU

Reading Level: Advanced/College Student Reading Time: 20 minutes Content: Introduction Types of bans Reasons you might get disabled for on IMVU What to do if you get banned on IMVU What to do if you earn money from IMVU and get permanently disabled #SaveIMVUCreators How #SaveIMVUCreators impacted IMVU sales How #SaveIMVUCreators is negatively being used…

is imvu safe for kids

Is IMVU safe for children?

Reading Level: Advanced/College Student Reading Time: 30 minutes Is IMVU safe for children? Should you allow your child or a young person to use IMVU? If you are a parent worried about your child using IMVU, there are some things you should know to ease your mind. What is IMVU? IMVU is a 3D messenger…

imvu begging free credits

How to make a creator notice your message

The following information is advice both from a personal perspective and from talking to other creator peers that have gone through similar experiences. These are not IMVU rules and should be applied generally when you have no relation to the creator you are contacting. You will learn some tips and tricks on how to interact…

grandfathered account imvu

What are grandfathered accounts on IMVU?

Have you ever heard someone mention the word “grandfather”, but couldn’t quite understand what they were talking about? If the subject wasn’t about family relationships, they were most probably referring to grandafather/grandfathered accounts on IMVU, or simply put – creators. Generally, grandfathered accounts are known as old accounts (that have been made years ago). When…

imvu eye tutorial

Simple Eye Tutorial

Photoshop eye tutorial – can be done with a mouse, or with a graphics tablet (I did it with the mouse). As best practice, I recommend working as much as possible in separate layers – it is easier to correct mistakes this way and it’s much easier to customize the final product (e.g. change hue,…