IMVU giftlists are a list of products a user can save to gift later to someone.

Giftlists are extremely useful if you plan on gifting a specific item/product to large number of people and want to make your job easier by just selecting the item with 2 clicks.


Currently, the only way to add an item to your giftlist is to use the classic web version of IMVU. You then look around the classic shop and select the item you want to save to your giftlist.

Once you select the product you want, click on it and it will open the product page. Now you should see something like below with the option “Add to giftlist”. 

Your product has now been added to your list and you can easily find it to send it to multiple people!

I go to the default webpage on the classic website and pick the user you want to message and gift.

If I want to send a gift to someone, I will open the gift icon (bottom left):

Then this window will show by default having “Wishlist” selected.

Click “My Giftlist” and you will see the products you’ve added to gift later on.

Simply select the item (like you would for any gift from the person’s wishlist) and click send.



Very simple, very direct, IMVU made a link with a simple button confirmation that looks like this:

Click here for the “reset your giftlist” link.

Or simply copy paste the following link into your browser:

The option resets the full giftlist without the possibility to undo the action.

Honestly, especially for someone like me that accidentally clicks buttons and has a full list of weird giftlist items, this is a blessing (I also accidentally flagged my own products multiple times, but that’s a topic for another day to make fun of idiot me ♥).

Enjoy guys!

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