Baby hair (hairs) are small hair strands which surround the hair extremities. We have new hair strands growing all the time, it’s what actually makes out hair blend nicely with the head.

Model: Yael Shelbia

Looking at the image above, you wouldn’t think anything of it (except maybe the ethereal beauty of the model), but it’s a perfect example of how something messy is really natural and beautiful.

In the next image, the badly-highlighted red parts represent strands of baby hair.


Baby hairs usually go unnoticed because they are so natural! It’s not very common in today’s society for people to actually pay attention to small hair strands because… well, they’re just there and they look gorgeous the way they are.

Have you ever wondered why wigs look like wigs? Some wigs are badly made, the hair itself is too shiny to look anything close to reality and sometimes they’re just a bad fit. But most of the time, wigs look bad because they do not blend well together with the person’s heads. Why? Because most wigs do not have baby hair (or even if they do, it doesn’t look realistic at all). It takes an expert to make a wig look real, that’s why Emilia Clarke’s white hair in Game of Thrones for her Daenerys look took 2 hours every day to achieve that flawless, natural look.

On IMVU, however, hairs did not come with realistic baby hair. Baby hair needed to be added separately to achieve a more natural look. That’s how the trend of baby hair and baby hair meshes emerged – because people loved the baby hair look.

Most hair meshers have started including a basic baby hair mesh file to their products, so people could derive directly and make a wonderful hairstyle. Other creators have opted for baby hair meshes that suit their needs and style better. There is a full market of baby hair meshes and opacity maps to give you that amazing glow you are looking for.

If you are starting out as a creator on IMVU, you invest in a baby hair mesh that is easy to use, affordable and offers high customization.

As an experienced creator and a hair creator myself, I have created the ultimate premium baby hair mesh that you can use for IMVU to create top-selling hairstyles!

The free alternative before investing in a baby hair mesh

As most popular hair meshers already provide a basic baby hair mesh and textures, you should start with the free resources available and gain more knowledge about textures, opacity maps. This would help you have a general idea about what you are looking for in a baby hair mesh.

Is baby hair mandatory to create hair?

Baby hairs are not mandatory to create hair, but most users prefer hairs with baby hair, as it gives the final product (hairstyle) a premium touch to it! offers the most customizable baby hair mesh possible, as well as high compatibility with nearly every single hair mesh out there, old or new.

You can also find a lot of opacity maps (styles) to choose from that are updated regularly to keep up with daily trends, so that YOU can earn more. ♥


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