Baby Hair Brushes – Pack 2


– Ultra HD and highest quality offered on the market at an incredible price as always by

– Brush stamps suuuper easy to use

– Create IMVU baby hair opacity maps in minutes

– Works with any baby hair mesh, as you get the hair strands themselves which you can apply anywhere you’d like to

– Great for IMVU, Second Life, Sims and digital art (just stamp the brush on the image)

– PNG files of each stamp included on empty background

Can be used on multiple IMVU accounts/artworks/Sims creations/Second Life shops.

Terms apply.



Digital set of 30 baby hair pieces (set 2) that come as Photoshop .abr brushes.
100% compatible with Procreate.

PNG files included, meaning you can use them in multiple digital art programs, as long as they work with PNG files.

Can be used to your heart’s desires! ♥
Designed having in mind creators/designers from IMVU, Second Life and The Sims. Can easily be used for edits and digital art.

Important! Files come as .abr brushes and they are tested for Adobe Photoshop CC versions.
You can import them as .brush for Procreate and use them (tutorial attached in last photo).
These work like stamps (you press them once).

There is a small tutorial on how to improve the realism of the baby hairs for digital art by working with the Dodge and Burn tools (video + image description).

100% unique and hand drawn. Best quality for baby hair strands to make IMVU baby hair opacity maps (bbh), baby hair texture maps, edits, Second Life baby hair bases, Sims hair edges etc.

Always affordable so that YOU can earn more!



(make sure you unzip the .ZIP files first)

There are two ways how to import the .ABR brushes in Photoshop:
1. Double-click the .ABR files. These will be automatically imported in Photoshop as the LAST brush folder.
2. In the top left panel of Photoshop, click the brush arrow -> click on the Settings from the newly opened panel which is in top right -> Import Brushes -> select the .ABR file purchased. The brushes will be imported in Photoshop as the LAST brush folder.



(make sure you unzip the .ZIP files first)

1. Download the files on your iPad
2. Tap the .ABR file and select the “share” icon from top right
3. Scroll through the apps and choose the last option “MORE”
4. Select “Open in Procreate”
5. Wait for the brushes to be imported
6. The new brushes will be at the TOP of your brush library list
7. Use them to stamp the baby hair pieces on your design


IMPORTANT NOTE: While I strive to provide easy and ultra high quality resources, these should be used with advanced knowledge of the graphics program used, as well as their general purpose. If you are not familiar at all with Photoshop or Procreate, nor do you know how exactly to use these files to create baby hair opacity maps for IMVU, hair edges for Sims or Second Life, please follow basic tutorials that familiarize you with the graphics program and with the item you would like to create. These files are meant for advanced creators (IMVU/Sims/Second Life) who want to improve their work, as well as digital artists who understand how baby hair pieces could come in handy (i.e. to create realistic hair at the base of the forehead).


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