Baby Hair Mesh FULL (Bundle) + 9 Opacity Maps



Shiva 2023 Baby Hair – the one and only super HD, sleek, and with a cute customizable heart inside the head.

Package comes as .ZIP file.

ZIP contains:

  • HD baby hair mesh for the front and back of the head in .xmf format
  • 5 front opacity maps
  • 4 back opacity maps
  • Compatible with most heads, hairs, and poses
  • Easy to work with UV map
  • Includes free textures (all pictures attached)
  • Includes tutorial on how to add baby hair to hair
  • Includes cute heart inside the head which can be customized with a texture map

FREE UPGRADES – To provide the best quality on the market, will provide free upgrades to this product by editing the downloadable file.


Baby hair sleek hair edge mesh is fully compatible only with the Shiva baby hair opacity maps. 

Note: Mesh includes simple opacity maps (9 in total, 5 front, 4 back) with blank textures (black).

Can only be used on one IMVU account

Always use the same size for the opacity and the texture map

Terms apply


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