32 Photoshop Gem Brushes Pack 1


– Great for instant gemstones added to clothing textures or accessories (or anything you want)

– Gem brushes that are fully stylized and colored

– Great for IMVU, Second Life, Sims and digital art (just press and move the cursor)

Can be used on multiple IMVU accounts/artworks/Sims creations/Second Life shops.

VERY IMPORTANT: These brushes are unique and work slightly differently than standard Photoshop brushes. They are already colored and stylized exactly like in the photo and video. The downside to being ready-to-use is that you cannot change the size of the brush or the color of any of these brushes due to Photoshop limitations.

Terms apply.



Digital set of 32 instant gem/diamond/rhinestone pieces that come as Photoshop .abr brushes.
Can be used to your heart’s desires!
Designed having in mind creators/designers from IMVU, Second Life and The Sims. Can easily be used for edits and digital art.

Important! Files come as .abr brushes and they are tested for Adobe Photoshop CC versions.

These work like stamps as they keep their design like in the pictures/video. You don’t need to add any effects to them, they come with a specific style.

IMPORTANT: These are Mixer Brushes and you cannot resize them or change their color! If you attempt to do so, the brush will disappear and you will have to reselect the brush again to continue working with it.

If you are using Photoshop Extended CS6, note that it’s not a legal copy of Photoshop and it’s not made by Adobe. These brushes will not work with Photoshop Extended CS6. They work only with original Photoshop versions for Windows or Mac computers. Phone versions of Photoshop are not tested and there is no guarantee that they will work with phone/app versions of Photoshop.


This file comes in .ZIP format.
You will need to unzip the file first.

How to use:
1. After unzipping the file, double click the .abr file and it will automatically load into Photoshop as the last brushes (you might need to scroll down to find them if you have too many brushes loaded).
2. Select the brush you want
3. Draw on the canvas

These files are Mixer Brushes and not standard Photoshop brushes. These brushes have the EXACT design like in the photo and video. You will stamp them and they will have texture automatically. However, as good as this option is, there are some disadvantages to these type of brushes:
• You will NOT be able to change the size, shape, color or make any modifications directly to the brush (except for brush settings).
• If you click on a brush, then select a color, your brush will disappear – this is normal. Just reselect your brush and use it like an ordinary brush.
• If you try to change the size of the brush, the brush will disappear – this is also normal, it’s just Photoshop limitations. Reselect your brush to resolve the issue.


All gems are handmade by Shiva.vu. All rights reserved to Shiva.

For any questions or concerns, reach out to me at: support@shiva.vu


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