Baby Hair Mesh FRONT (2021)



  • HD baby hair mesh for the front part of the head
  • Compatible with most heads, hairs and poses
  • Easy to work with UV map
  • Includes free texture (picture)
  • Includes tutorial on how to add baby hair to hair
  • Includes watermark


  • Hiding the watermark in any way is strictly forbidden
  • Permanent support against product theft and for false DMCA claims
  • May be used on one IMVU account only
  • You may set hairs as derivable, as long as you include the website “” in the product description AND you do not offer sample baby hair opacity maps, or UV Maps
  • You are strictly forbidden to distribute the mesh file/s in any way, or the files (textures, UV maps) that come with it


Note: The product was tested with Kloudust heads and other popular heads and there was minimum clipping, however please note that clipping might occur with some heads, hairs and with various poses.


Example of products created with this mesh:


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